“We choose Alpha because of Matt’s reputation and workmanship. When we sat down together to review the ideas for the project Matt’s contribution really helped steer us in the right direction, he has such great vision for design! His suggestion of the pine ceiling in the bedroom worked out great and the white washed look really brightens up the room. I just love our space, it’s really hard to pick my favourite part of the project, I love it all. We enjoy entertaining and this project has transformed our home into the perfect meeting place. I really liked how easy going everyone at Alpha is, yet they are always in line with their timelines and schedules. Matt oversees everything and is always in touch, he makes sure everything looks great and he’s very, very meticulous. Over the course of the project Matt and his team became more like family, we often still have them over. When we called them back to work on the addition of the deck, it was done efficiently and quickly. Also, when we’ve had any warranty problems Matt and his team are on it right away!  All in all, everything was done 110% The project was stress free and there was never a disappointment... Matt’s a great journey carpenter, I’d never let another one else even pound a nail in our home.”

— Sharon Hartley


"I would definitely say it’s my dream kitchen... my son wished I would have done it sooner. I've received so many compliments!"

“When it came time to renovate my kitchen, my son Terry recommended Matt and the team at Alpha Developments. After the layout was determined I realized they only had a small window of time to finish the project while I was on holidays. They completed the work in a week and I was in total awe when I returned home... I just stood there admiring my kitchen! I’m still so thrilled with it, and deep down in heart I know my husband likes it too. Matt, Barry and Jim did a super job, I love the look. Matt really made all the design ideas come to life. The island is definitely my favourite a part, everything is so accessible and convenient. The kitchen just feels like an extension of myself, I would definitely say it’s my dream kitchen... my son wished I would have done it sooner. I've received so many compliments! I highly recommend Matt and Alpha Developments.”

— Lil Sather


"Matt really went above and beyond on the project"

Matt worked hard on the initial design with us, and although we sort of had an idea of what we wanted to be done, he had some great suggestions that we ended up going with. Matt really went above and beyond on the project. The work was done quick and at a fair price... no complaints there. Matt is easy to deal with, when we need a larger space we will definitely be hiring Alpha Developments for the build!"

- Luke Janzen


“His key strength is his architectural eye for scale and proportions...”

We planned for years and built our dream home sooner than I even thought possible. Matt agonised over every detail and wasn't happy until it was perfect. It’s the same dedication and passion I see on every project he takes on. Matt understands what it’s like to live in a space as well as build a space, his key strength is his architectural eye for scale and proportions, when we moved in it instantly felt like home. When Matt looks at a project he can help people mould their dreams and concepts in to reality no matter how simple or complicated. Developing a plan, making it easy and then bringing it to life!"

— Morgan Knezacek


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Matt and relished in every part of the process”